About Moraltive

Moraltive an amalgamation of two words: Morally and Positive, is a registered trademark under Mukta Ramchandani Trading & Consulting, headquartered in Switzerland.

The founding members of Moraltive are Mukta & her husband Benjamin who are based in Zurich region and hail from India & Germany respectively. Switzerland has been their home for several years and Swiss lifestyle of urban & nature balance has been a major inspiration for them to create Moraltive. With their combined experience and knowledge in design, sustainability, marketing & environmental toxicology, they bring together a unique combination. 

The creation of Moraltive stems from an important factor that despite the awareness on sustainable and CSR practices for ethical fashion consumption, there has been a little impact on the industry as such. Mainstream fashion houses spearheads the market in designing and using new materials. But very few brands focus holistically on sustainability, environmental friendliness and being stylish at the same time. Which is why, Moraltive is created to fill this gap.


Moraltive is based on the values of satisfying not just your soul through mindful consumption but also contributing in small little ways to help save the planet. In today`s, times it is a struggle to face the giants of big branded products which come along with great investments and strategies to be upright and upfront placed in front of our eyes everywhere. What sets Moraltive apart is that, it is a small family owned business focusing on creating products that are complacent with the values of sustainable consumption. Which is why Moraltive collaborates with only small family owned manufacturers. Taking time and effort to find and visit these suppliers, as we strictly scrutinize how ethically the materials are sourced, the environmental impact of materials and the working conditions of the employees.

Sustainable Design:

All the Moraltive products are designed in Switzerland for timeless high-quality creations and not for just a season or a trend. So, our consumers can use it time and again without compromising on the style and functionality. 

Sustainable Materials:

A major disadvantage of materials are their environmental impact and the pollution they create in the countries where they are produced, putting the workers on a risk to lose their health.The materials we use in Moraltive products are all tested and certified as per the EU norms. The cotton canvas used to create Moraltive bags are AZO free and Reach Compliant to ensure that they are not harmful to the environment. The leather we use in the Moraltive bags, is genuine cow leather from the city of Kolkata in India, where cow leather is a bi-product of meat consumption, unlike some other states in India where consumption of cow meat is prohibited. The cow leather used for Moraltive bags are all vegetable tanned, which is an eco-friendly procedure to tan the leather. The procedure of vegetable tanning takes more than a month, as it is tanned slowly with vegetable oils and minerals leaving no/hardly any pollutive wastes and toxins in the environment compared to regular chemical-based tanning. 


It takes immense effort and time to find suppliers that supply in small quantities and produce products without compromising on the quality, pay fair wages to the workers and contribute to a sustainable environment. Currently, Moraltive bags are produced in the outskirts of Kolkata India, our manufacturer is a small family owned business that employs the local labors and is highly dependent on their craftsman and artisans, they follow the hygiene standards and do not produce in mass bulk quantities which enables them to pay attention to intricate details of bag manufacturing. Moraltive therefore, does not only support the manufacturers to sustain, but also helps them contribute to sustainable working & living standards for their workers. 

Supply chain:

We do not believe in the use and throw fashion trend. Therefore, we do not offer free return shipping for Moraltive products (except for products with production related defects). As per various researchers the more the free return shipping economy is supported, the more it harms the environment.


The quality of all Moraltive products are inspected at three stages. The first stage of inspection is from our suppliers, the second inspection is performed by us at the production unit, the third stage of quality is checked by us once the products arrive in Switzerland.

Trying our bit, one product at a time to  bring you a holistically sustainable brand Moraltive.  





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