Moraltive founders have been researching and publishing for several years in the field of sustainability, luxury & fashion, which enabled them to embark on the Moraltive journey. Specifically, the materials we use in creating Moraltive products, their environmental impact and adopting a holistic sustainable approach. We believe providing these lists of scientific publications from us will help our consumers understand more about our brand.

Here is the list of all our scientific publications :

Journal Publications

Ramchandani M, Holt JV, Ivan CM (2017) What Drives Sustainable Luxury Consumption in a Status Driven Society Like India? Journal of Textile Eng Fashion Technol 2(4): 00065. DOI: 10.15406/jteft.2017.02.00065 LINK

Coste-Manière, I., Garçon, N., Pradère, C. & Ramchandani, M. (in press). Paris as a gleaming catalyst for luxury brands. Journal of Global fashion Marketing.

Ramchandani, M. & Coste-Manière, I. (2012). Asymmetry in multi-cultural luxury communication: A comparative analysis on luxury brand communication in India and China. Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 3(2), 89-97 LINK

Conference Publications

Ramchandani, M & Coste-Manière, I. (2015). What drives sustainable luxury consumption in a status driven society like India? International Conference on Advances in Management and Technology in a Global World, ICAMT-15

Book Chapters

Ramchandani, M., Coste-Manière, I., Walia, I., Wang, J., Yang, S. (2022). Global Textiles and Its Alignment with Sustainability. In: Muthu, S.S. (eds) Sustainable Approaches in Textiles and Fashion. Sustainable Textiles: Production, Processing, Manufacturing & Chemistry. Springer, Singapore. 
Dubois Athenor, PH., Hintzen, N., Igarashi, N., Ramchandani, M., Coste-Manière, I. (2022). Traditional Textiles Going Local and Global. In: Muthu, S.S. (eds) Sustainable Approaches in Textiles and Fashion. Sustainable Textiles: Production, Processing, Manufacturing & Chemistry. Springer, Singapore.
Ramchandani M. & Coste-Maniere I. (2020). Leather in the Age of Sustainability: A Norm or Merely a Cherry on Top?In: Muthu S. (eds) Leather and Footwear Sustainability. Textile Science and Clothing Technology. Springer, Singapore.

Caroline Tornaire Alice Brenot, Cecile Chuffart, Ivan Coste Maniere, Manon Deroche, Eva Godat, Laura Lemoine, Mukta Ramchandani, Eleonora Sette (2019). “Water Footprint in Fashion & Luxury Industry.” In: Water in Textiles and Fashion: Consumption, Footprint, and Life Cycle Assessment. edited by Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu. Vol 1, 95-112. Elsevier, Woodhead Publishing

Faustine Binet, Ivan Coste-Manière, Clément Decombes, Yan Grasselli, Dortmolk Ouederni, Mukta Ramchandani (2018). Fast Fashion & Sustainable Consumption. In: Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu  Editor, Fast Fashion brands and sustainable consumption, Collection Textile Science and Clothing Technology, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd, 2019, p19-37 ​LINK

Ramchandani M., Coste-Maniere I. (2018) Eco-conspicuous Versus Eco-conscious Consumption: Co-creating a New Definition of Luxury and Fashion. In: Muthu S. (eds) Models for Sustainable Framework in Luxury Fashion. Textile Science and Clothing Technology. Springer, Singapore Link

Ivan Coste-Manière, Hamdi Guezguez, Mukta Ramchandani, Marie Reault and Julia van Holt (2017). Detoxifying Luxury and Fashion Industry: Case of Market Driving Brands. In: Detox Fashion, Textile Science and Clothing Technology.Springer Singapore DOI 10.1007/978-981-10-4777-0_2  Link

Ramchandani, M. & Coste-Manière, I. (2016). To Fur or not to Fur: Sustainable Production and Consumption Within Animal-Based Luxury and Fashion Products. In Textiles and Clothing Sustainability.Springer Science+Business Media Singapore.​ Link

Coste-Manière, I., Ramchandani, M., Sudeep, C. & Burak, C.(2015). Long-Term Sustainable Sustainability in Luxury. Where Else?.In "Handbook of Sustainable Luxury Textiles and Fashion, volume 2. Springer Science+Business Media Singapore 2016 Link

Ramchandani, M. (2013). Mimesis and the Nexus of luxury industry in India. In Hoffmann, J. and Coste-Manière, I. "Global Luxury Trends: Innovative Strategies for Emerging Markets", London: Palgrave Macmillan, 280 p Link

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